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Avoid Feb. 11th, 2006 @ 11:13 am

Hi, Everyone. How's everybody?

I've been alright. A lot of new things been happening, for example, I've been dating my boyfriend for over a year. I've been avoiding this site because I'm losing my interests for it.  For DeviantART.. well.. I'm not doing very well with my photography and artwork. What I need is a photoshop on my computer. At school, there's some girls I want them to model for me. Ive been to lazy and distracted. My birthday is coming up! yah! Oh, over Christmas break, I went to Las Vegas. I also went Magic Mountain: Six Flags. That was a hoot! Las Vegas is amazing and beautiful at night, but it looks awful in the daytime. In the daytime, I see GREY. I also saw the largest man made lake in the world, Lake Mean. Of course, close by is the Hoover Dam. It's huge!

I better be going for now. Not such if I want to completely leave from LiveJournal.



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Current Music: Nothing

Jan. 17th, 2005 @ 09:53 am

Man it's been several weeks since I've updated or even left comments...

Mostly the thing why, I've been distracted and lazy. Nothing really happen when I was gone. I have a new boyfriend. He always makes me happy. On devantART, I've been submitting pictures on and off. Later on, I'll open up a stock account.

Nothing else to say..... I'll be going for now. Later

Current Mood: happyhappy happy joy joy!
Current Music: Nothing.

Akward. Nov. 5th, 2004 @ 07:42 pm

  Well, my ex-boyfriend Chris is back in town and staying. He actually wrote an email to me. Nothing special; just saying that he's going to get married pretty soon. Good for him I guess -- heck I don't even care.  I have a feeling that their relationship isn't going to work out. He might sleep with another girl, she might cheat on him, or he'll just call it all off for no apparent reason. On October 25th, my boyfriend broke up with me. We dated for 3 weeks. It kinda sucks being single now. Oh, on Halloween, didn't dress up as anything, but I did tp and silly stringed some houses, cars and people. It was a blast. I also went to the corn maze. People in costumes would run around in the corn, and pop-out of no where and scare the living crap out of people. I got scared a couple of times. One guy followed me, and turned on his chainsaw to scare me, because I sprayed him with some silly string. I also spent some quilty time with one of my guyfriends that I have a crush on.

  My parents are gone on a cruise to Mexico. They're so lucky. Since they've been gone, I've been doing my chores, watching tv, talking and planning to see one of my friends for this weekend, and going on the computer every once in awhile.

The pee girl gets the belts.. Oct. 5th, 2004 @ 04:22 pm

A beautiful picture of Courtney.

 I've been really for the past couple of weeks. On Sept. 9th, I started dating a guy named Chris. I barely told any one of friends that I was dating someone. Our relationship only lasted for 2 weeks (he broke up with me on the 23rd). It didnt bother me much. Two days later, he asked me out again. I didnt reply back. He hasnt called me since. jerk.

Last week, was a terrible. I was going to try to get a date for the homecoming dance, but that didnt happen. Family problems..

Right now.. I'm pretty good. I have new boyfriend. **happy**  I might post a picture of him on http://www.spider-miss.deviantart.com -thats my account. I'll ask him if he would model for me. hehe



Current Mood: thankfulNot bad
Current Music: Hole - Softer, Softest -- had it stuck in head all damn day!

Morrison mood Sep. 12th, 2004 @ 05:14 pm

Jim Morrison is sexy - foxy too!


Too bad he's dead :(

Enjoy these pictures (if you even know who he is or if you like his music).

Current Mood: amused'The Doors' mood
Current Music: The Doors - The Crystal Ship
Other entries
» What colour?
The next time I get my hair done, what colour should it be?

~ Redye it again (dark brown with voilet-red streaks)

~ A light blonde with bloody-red streaks

~ Just a light blonde (like Courney's hair)

~ Pink

~ Other
If other, give me your idea.
» It's hard to be happy when you're not happy with yourself

Good News: I might be in the fashion show (if I put my mind to it) . I have to call the store up and find more info about it. I think it would be interesting...

My whole "msn drama" went away alittle. I've been kinda distracted for these past couple of days. Nothing really. Just been watching 'Unsolved Mysteries' and some cartoons. I also been sitting or lying on the guest bed thinking of somethings.

Today, I had to get out of house. I was dying to get some fresh air. So, I got out of the house and took a walk. The rain and the lite thunder didnt bother me much.. I was too busy thinking of somethings. I was thinking what would happen if I moved to my uncle's house. He lives about 3-6 hrs away from where I live. I hate living where I live... It's full of hate. I wish to fucking move from this awful town! I want to move out of the US; live somewhere in England, Germany, Italy... those are my dream places to go and live.

» Live Beautiful -- Stay beautiful!!

Wednesday was a good day. For work, we took all the kids to a public pool... My friends and I saw this life guard that looked like Kurt Cobain... and we saw this other life guard that looked cool..

Took pictures of them for fun and games .. we wanted to make sure that they werent looking straight at us ... hehe.


» Holding cream is a crime...

I love lamp... I love desk... I love carpet..



» Kurt

Kurt Cobain is so sexy!!

Agree or disagree?

Cobain and his daughter, Frances Bean

I really really love this picture of Kurt and Courtney.


He looks even more sexier in a dress...

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